Even with the aerodynamic fluidness of a mattress, this '87 Chevy pickup powered by a Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engine running on nitrous-enhanced peanut oil will try to set a speed record on the El Mirage dry lake. Lin and Steven Austin of Orange County Rod and Custom in Placentia, California, built the truck and are confident it will go over 200 mph. Nicknamed Greasel, the truck was introduced at the SEMA Show in conjunction with the announcement that Yahoo! Autos has launched a Green Center Web site for alternative fuel vehicles. The Austins extended the chassis and bed to accommodate the 552-cubic-inch V6 engine, which is mounted behind the cab. Two 70psi turbochargers work with an 8-71 supercharger to forcefeed air to the cylinders. The engine runs on regular diesel fuel to get the temperature up to 220 degrees before switching to peanut oil. Nitrous is squeezed in when needed, and alcohol is sprayed in the air plenum for cooling. Driver Lin Austin says there's just under 3,000 horsepower available to him! Speed attempts for the 10,000-pound truck will take place Nov. 12 at the famed Southern California speed venue. Austin says the first goal is to hit 200 mph, then make modifications for attempts at over 240 mph.

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