Non-profit offers cash incentives for employees who purchase fuel-efficient vehicles

In the face of waning hybrid vehicle tax credits (at least for Toyota), the non-profit organization American Jewish Committee began providing cash incentives for its employees to purchase high-mileage cars with their Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Bonus Program. Depending on vehicle model, bonuses of either $2,500 or $1,500 will be paid out to workers at AJC who have purchased one of the following vehicles: Toyota Prius, Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Ford Escape Hybrid, Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Mazda Tribute Hybrid, Mazda 3, Saturn Ion or Ford Focus. AJC executive director David A. Harris said, "Our car-buying incentive is integral to AJC's long-term commitment to developing a serious energy policy."

I wonder if they'll be adding the Saturn Vue Greenline to the list. You figure it should qualify for the lesser of the bonuses.

[Source: American Jewish Committee]

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