Pterosail has announced an interesting new way to get around if you live in a place with some wind and not too much traffic. The pterosail trike is based on a recumbent tricycle. The rider can pedal the trike like any conventional recumbent bike or trike. However, the first thing the casual observer would notice about this thing is the sail. If wind is available the rider can get an assist from the environment. The trike also has a pair 24V marine batteries to power an electric motor/generator.

The motor can provide extra assistance, but wind and gravity can also be used through regenerative braking to charge the batteries. The sail system apparently works well with 8-10 mph of wind and the trike is available in single seat and tandem models. If the human, wind and battery power aren't enough, there is even a solar panel on board to provide some more juice to the motor and potentially charge the batteries. Speeds of up to 40 mph are possible with enough pedaling, sun and wind. There's no word on pricing or availability, but this could be a cool transportation alternative as long as you don't have to much traffic to contend with.

[Source: Pterosail via Treehugger]

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