Several automakers can be credited for making SEMA the multi-billion dollar circus that it is today. In recent years however, few manufacturers have gained the tremendous amount of support from aftermarket companies than Honda and with each passing year, the Big-H puts more effort into courting both suppliers and owners.

This year's aftermarket extravaganza is no exception and Honda sought to highlight their most popular vehicles, namely the Fit, Si coupe, Si sedan and CR-V.

On the smaller end of the spectrum, Honda brought two customized versions of the Fit to the floor, both equipped with a variety of upgrades to the diminutive compact.

The Tjin Edition Unique Fit certainly lives up to its name, with a host of modifications that make it more show-goer than daily driver. However, the So. Cal. customizers maintain that it can still seat four, regardless of the multi-point roll cage and D2 racing air jacks.

The exterior gets the full JDM monty in the form of C-West carbon fiber mirrors, Mugen visors and a Ken Style body kit, with the whole lot doused in Unique's signature two-tone copper paint. A full Skunk 2 suspension setup is utilized, complete with sway bar, strut bar and coilovers, the latter dropping the Fit over top HRE 18x9" rollers, wrapped in Falken 452 tires. A new exhaust and rear brake conversion is also supplied by Skunk 2, along with a few more trick pieces adorning the under carriage.

Inside, the aforementioned roll bar delivers an added layer of safety if the owners decided to take the tossable five-door to the track, but we're thinking that's unlikely. The stock seats have been tossed in favor of Status Racing thrones, covered in a two-tone suede and (faux?) carbon fiber material. A Nardi steering wheel and Bee's tilt wheel adapter have been fitted, and while the interior was gutted, Unique saw fit (sure, pun intended) to drop another can of bronze paint on the floor.

Approaching the subtler side of customization, was the Fit Sport Extreme Concept that by way of larger fender flares and plunging side skirts, puts a bit more 'sport' into the ummm, Sport. After getting its fair share of orange paint, the Extreme was equipped with nuggets of carbon fiber goodness in the form of a rear diffuser with a center exhaust outlet, a new front bumper and downforce creating rear wing. The taillights were stolen from the Land of the Rising Sun, along with the mirrors that sport embedded turn indicators.

As for performance, the suspension was tuned for the circuit. Honda didn't provide details about the specifics of the changes, but it's obvious that the ride height has been lowered by an inch or so. Brembo brakes are nestled within 17-inch graphite wheels equipped with sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R tires.

As for the interior, Recaro seats are wrapped in a synthetic-suede, ala Civic Si, and find a home amidst carbon fiber accents.

Both Fits at Honda's booth seemed a bit too showy, which is disappointing considering the performance potential of the light-weight compact. We're hoping that our roving bloggers on the floor will come across some sweet K20-equipped goodness at one of the thousands of other booths at SEMA, if not, we'll have to wait until next year, again.

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