The S600 Guard is the ultimate armored limousine, the choice of third-world dictators and dealers of all kinds of stuff. Because Mercedes builds their Guard series (E, G and S-Class models) on separate assembly lines from their conventional counterparts, the passive and active security measures are built in right from the start – though you wouldn't know from looking at one. The S600 Guard will defend its occupants against machine-gun fire, grenades and other explosives; it'll run on flat tires; it's got its own air supply in case of a gas attack; and in case of a fire, it's got its own fire-extinguishing system and self-sealing fuel tank.

Aston Martin may have the product placement agreement for the 007 movies, but no car on the road lives up to the standard like the S600 Guard. Don't take our word for it, watch the video for yourself. (Just don't mind the techno-trance.)

[Source: Motor Authority]

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