Political and popular culture celebs rushing to promote Prop 87

Barak Obama, Ben Afflek, Robert Redford, Julia Roberts. The list of celebrities who have endorsed the clean air/tax on oil companies initiative Proposition 87 in California is getting longer by the day. The people in the No on 87 crowd aren't nearly as well known, but there is a list of 100 economists who are against the proposition. Who's on the list? I looked up Professor Kate Zhou, one of the economists from Hawaii, just because she's where I am right now. I went to her personal webpage, and quickly learned she's a big fan of President Bush (he's featured on her personal website, where the picture above was snagged from). I don't think Bush has made a public comment regarding Prop 87, but former President Clinton is certainly in favor of the measure. Ahhh, presidents.
[Source: Yes on 87, No Oil Tax, The University of Hawaii]

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