GM's SEMA Showcase #1: Truckin'

Due to the sheer number of vehicles in GM's SEMA arsenal we're going to be doing things a bit different until our boys on the ground start relaying information and live shots from the show floor. So here's how it's going to work -- we're breaking the offerings into two categories: trucks and cars, with hi res images of each accompanying the press release we've received. Once John, Frank and Mike get more, we'll either update this post or do an individual post for vehicles we think are worthy of the space.

So let's get started with this first smattering of GM's truck offerings and there sure are a lot. These are in no particular order, just how they came our way.

The 2007 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Z71 Plus is an off-road enthusiast's dream interpretation of one of Chevrolet's most popular trucks – the just right-sized Colorado crew cab. Keeping with the rugged Z71 image, the suspension has been fitted with HUMMER H3-derived components, front and rear. Custom-milled 20 x 9-inch alloy wheels are wrapped with aggressive 285/50R20 off-road tires. Underneath the restyled front fascia, hood and fenders is a powerful 320-horsepower 5.3L V-8. Fuel enters the Colorado via a unique, racing-style ITW spherically actuated fuel fill system. The cargo box bed and rear bumper were restyled and a roof rack/light bar was added. The custom paint job combines light green metallic, bright aluminum and light charcoal for a stunning high tech look. The leather interior is upscale yet durable.

Vehicle highlights

* 320-hp 5.3L V-8 with Hydra-Matic 4L65 transmission
* Restyled front fenders, hood, fascia, grille, bed and rear bumper
* Roof rack/light bar, chrome tow hooks, custom tonneau cover
* Tri-color paint: light green metallic accented with fine bright aluminum and light charcoal
* TYE LED taillamps and custom driving lamps
* Custom-machined 20 x 9-inch alloy wheels
* Aggressive off-road 285/50R20 tires
* Increased ground clearance
* HUMMER H3 suspension components
* High-performance brakes: 15-inch front rotors with six-piston calipers; 14-inch rear rotors with four-piston calipers
* ITW SAFF (spherically actuated fuel fill) refueling system that replaces traditional door and cap with a custom ball valve
* Flowmaster cat-back custom exhaust system
* Ruggedly luxurious leather interior with Dusty Olive bolsters, woven inserts and Pumice piping
* Matching door panels, instrument panel and steering wheel with bright exterior color trim bezels
* Kenwood speakers
* Magellan portable GPS – eXplorist XL Series

LAS VEGAS – While he's normally associated with the Chevy Monte Carlo SS racecar he drives on Sundays, Dale Earnhardt Jr. also is an enthusiastic truck aficionado – especially those trucks that perform best off the road. GM teamed up with Earnhardt to design and build the ultimate Silverado off-roader, dubbing it the Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado.

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado is based on the all-new, 2007 Chevy Silverado crew cab and features custom exterior appointments, an off-road-ready suspension, one-off custom 20-inch wheels at Dale Jr.'s request, a custom interior and more. This one-of-a-kind Silverado builds on Earnhardt's personal notion of off-road enjoyment, which was previously conveyed in his personal truck – a previous-generation Silverado named "Big Red."

"The 'Big Red' Silverado is the ultimate expression of off-road trucks," said Ed Peper, Chevrolet general manager. "It is inspired by Dale Jr.'s personal and modified Silverado, but takes his concept to an entirely new and exciting level."

Earnhardt collaborated with GM designers on the truck, visiting the GM Design studio in Warren , Mich. to discuss the exterior and interior enhancements, which include all-new front-end sheet metal and rear fenders, as well as a "flying bridge"-type roll bar with integrated off-road driving lamps. The interior is as luxurious as the exterior is off-road-capable, with rich, black leather upholstery and other details.
"This truck has Dale Jr.'s personality woven all through it," said Peper. "It even has a locomotive horn that was his idea; when it blows, you know for miles around who's coming up the trail."

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado is powered by GM Powertrain's 6.2L Gen IV V-8 engine, a high-output, all-aluminum engine with variable valve timing that produces 380 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque. It transfers its power to all four wheels via a Hydra-Matic four-speed electronically controlled transmission. The front and rear axles are equipped with 3.73 gears and Eaton ELocker electronic locking differentials, which help the truck deliver exhilarating performance with tall off-road tires. Stopping power is enhanced with a set of Baer disc brakes, including six-piston calipers and 15-inch cross-drilled rotors in the front and twin-piston floating calipers with 13-inch cross-drilled rotors in the rear.

Exterior flair

The commanding stance and flared bodywork of the "Big Red" Silverado combine for a menacing presence. All of the front end sheet metal, including the bumper, fenders, hood and grille are unique to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Silverado, as are the rear fenders and rear bumper.
The front end design evokes the look of Baja racers, with a high-mounted, brush guard-type wraparound bumper, which conceals an integraed 6,000-pound Warn Winch. The brush guard bumper is fully integrated into the design and contours of the Silverado, extending out toward the flared front fenders. The large fender opening and box-type flares accommodate both the large off-road tires and the vertical travel of the front suspension. The hood also is custom and features a front-opening air intake scoop, which further adds to the truck's powerful appearance.
Like the front fenders, the Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado's rear fenders feature large openings and boxed flares. At the top of the rear fenders, a unique roll bar is enhanced with a flying bridge-style extension that incorporates housings for large off-road driving lamps. The flying bridge extension is integrated with the design of the Silverado's cab and rear fenders.

At the rear is a custom roll pan, with four, large six-inch-diameter exhaust outlets exiting beneath the center of the truck. There is no tailgate, leaving open access to the cargo bed which, like off-road racing trucks, is equipped with mounted spare tire and wheel.

The "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Big Red" Silverado is painted with a unique base coat, mid-coat and clear coat system. The base coat is a custom mix with Spectra Flair additive; the mid-coat has a red tint hue. The Spectra Flair additive in the base coat combines with the mid-coat to provide a unique metallic appearance. The top clear coat application gives the paint finish a mile-deep shine. Subtle "Dale Jr." signature and "8" graphics are found on various areas of the body and chassis.

Serious stance

The stance is achieved with a raised suspension and the large, off-road wheel/tire package. A Rancho four-inch lift kit, with adjustable front and rear shocks, is used, along with GM front coil springs and re-arched rear leaf springs. Off-road skid plates and other underbody shielding are employed to protect vital chassis and engine components when driving over rocks and other unseen obstacles.

Befitting this one-off off-roader, it wears unique, GM-designed 20 x 12-inch wheels. These CNC-machined wheels have a bold, deep-dish design. They feature 5.125-inch backspacing in the front and 3.375-inch backspacing in the rear, which helps push out the wheels to the edge of the vehicle, enhancing the rugged look of the "Big Red" Silverado while simultaneously providing increased off-road driving stability and a lower center of gravity.

The fenders have larger openings and are flared to accommodate large, off-road tires mounted on the GM-designed 20-inch deep-dish wheels.

Interior details

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Big Red" Silverado's cabin is trimmed all in black, with Ebony leather-covered seats with Gloss Ebony leather piping. Black also is the color of the Providence headliner, carpet and trim plates, which have glossy, "piano black" appearance. Spectrum Cubic metallic soft-touch paint was applied to the door switch plates, instrument panel and control panel, providing a unique, high-tech appearance.
The interior simultaneously conveys luxury and an all-business attitude, owing to the truck's off-road capability. It's the perfect environment for a driver who's at home in race vehicle, but seeks a more comfortable environment when relaxing – even if that means crawling over rocks, slogging through rivers and flying over dry riverbeds.

The all-new 2007 Chevy Avalanche is one of the industry's most unique and capable SUVs, combining full-size utility interior room and truck-like cargo capability. GM engineers developed the Avalanche Z71 Plus to project the ultimate off-road image, equipping it with accessories that make the Z71 Plus a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle. Among its details are 20-inch wheels, BF Goodrich off-road tires, an integrated Warn 6,000-pound winch that is concealed in the bumper, roof-mounted lighting and unique PPG tri-coat Spectra Flair custom paint.

Vehicle highlights

* GM Vortec 6.0L V-8 and Hydra-Matic 4L70 four-speed automatic transmission
* Eaton locking front and rear differentials; 4.10 gear ratio
* BFGoodrich 285/55R20 All Terrain tires
* Z71 grille, fascia and wheel flare package
* Custom-mixed PPG Spectra Flair tri-coat paint
* Color-tinted chrome package
* Custom overhead halogen lights
* Warn 6,000-pound winch integrated into front bumper
* Oversize tow hooks, polished exhaust tips
* Custom-trimmed Townsend leather interior with Z71 billet seat inserts
* Unique stainless steel dash cluster, billet pedals, custom floor mats
* Magellan portable GPS – eXplorist 500 Series
* Waeco Freezer (CU84) with Plate Evaporator (VD-18) cooler built into cargo area

LAS VEGAS – During the heyday of the muscle car, three digits struck fear into the hearts of challengers who found themselves unlucky enough to sidle up next to a Chevy wearing the badge "427." The badge is back on the Silverado 427 – a concept vehicle that demonstrates a tangible extension of the new Silverado's performance parameters.

The Silverado 427 is powered by GM Powertrain's 7.0-liter LS7, the same Gen IV small-block V-8 that is the center of power in the Corvette Z06 and available as a "crate engine" package from GM Performance Parts. Its cubic-inch displacement is 427. A six-speed manual transmission backs the engine, providing the driver with full control of the vehicle's substantial capability.

"There's hardly a more legendary – or menacing, depending on your point of view – moniker in the world of performance than '427'," said John Cafaro, chief designer for full-size trucks. "The Silverado 427 concept delivers on the expectation of that revered badge with performance that equals or surpasses the original."

More than just a pickup with a more powerful engine, the Silverado 427 is a total performance package, with a lowered suspension that delivers racecar-like reflexes and an exterior styling package that is simultaneously aggressive and understated.

"The regular cab, short box body style of the Silverado 427 was a deliberate choice, because it represents the essence of elemental performance: filling the smallest, nimblest body and chassis with the most powerful engine," said Cafaro. "Indeed, all elements of this concept are simple and minimalist; it is equipped only with the components necessary to convey its performance."

This means a traditional rear-drive layout for the Silverado 427. There is no all-wheel drive or electronic traction enhancers. Luxury features also were kept to a minimum, as the vehicle's focus was kept squarely on performance.

Drivetrain details

Fitting the LS7 engine into the Silverado's engine bay was relatively simple, because it is based on the same Gen IV small-block V-8 family as the Silverado's regular production V-8 engines – and is available as a "crate engine" package from GM Performance Parts. A custom-fabricated air intake system was designed for the Silverado 427, adding not only a necessary air path for the engine but also some underhood distinction.
The LS7 is rated at 505 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, and is built with lightweight reciprocating assembly components and other design features that have their roots in the Corvette racing program. In fact, the LS7 uses a racing-style dry sump oiling system that ensures optimal engine oiling during all driving and cornering maneuvers. Engineers had to make room under the Silverado's hood for the LS7's external oil supply tank.

The Silverado 427's LS7 engine is backed by a Tremec heavy-duty six-speed manual transmission, which transfers torque to GM's automatic locking rear axle. It's fitted with 3.73 gears, which multiplies the torque of the LS7 to provide muscle car-challenging acceleration. The six-speed transmission has a steep, 3.01:1 first gear, which contributes to a tremendous performance at launch, while two overdrive gears balance the Silverado 427's performance with fuel economy that first-generation 427 drivers could only dream of.

Complementing the drivetrain is a set of 22 x 10-inch five-spoke aluminum wheels mounted to wide Pirelli Scorpion 305/40ZR22 performance tires, which do their best to maintain adherence to the Tarmac as the LS7's revs climb. The tires are the contact points for a performance-tuned suspension that used Ground Force custom front and rear lowering springs, front struts and rear shocks. The lowered suspension helps the Silverado 427 corner flatter and with more precision, while also giving the vehicle a "just right" performance stance. A set of Baer disc brakes, with six-piston calipers and 16-inch-diameter rotors, provides the stopping force for the vehicle.

Powerful design – inside and out

Complementing the Silverado 427's performance is a thoughtfully designed exterior that deftly incorporates high-performance styling cues in a restrained manner, giving the truck a look that is unmistakably aggressive yet respectful of its minimalist performance ethic. The design incorporates numerous changes compared with production Silverado models, including new front and rear fascias, hood, cowl, tailgate, tonneau and body-side cladding.

Many of the design elements are subtle, such as the tight body cladding – which incorporate polished billet side-exit exhaust outlets – and shaved door handles. Other elements immediately draw the eye; the most prominent of these being the dramatic hood scoop. It was designed as a contemporary interpretation of the famous Corvette " Stinger" hood scoop, which identified 427-powered Corvettes of the mid-1960s. And like the original Stinger scoop, the Silverado 427's hood scoop is emblazoned with the "427" numbers and a complementing accent color over the Laser Blue exterior color.

The grille, fascias and tailgate all are designed with a performance-oriented, streamlined appearance. The doors are opened via an ITW Active Touch.

Inside, the Silverado 427 is outfitted with Corvette seats that have been covered with custom Soliel Keisel leather upholstery and equipped with three-point racing-style harnesses. The perforated, black leather seat coverings have blue inserts. Between the seats is a custom center console that incorporates the shifter and houses a set of billet-face instruments. Other details include a revised instrument panel, with billet inserts and trim.

LAS VEGAS – Infused with the trendsetting, custom styling cues popularized by the bike-building Teutul family, the Chevy Orange County Choppers (OCC) Silverado is the ultimate shop hauler. It is designed to transport motorcycle engines and other components necessary to create one-of-a-kind custom choppers – and does so with the same eye-popping design as OCC's own bikes.

A 7.0-liter LS7 V-8 backs up the OCC Silverado's Sturgis-ready good looks and the interior carries the contemporary chopper theme, with plenty of black leather, chrome and billet trim. A raft of chromed chopper engines is tied down in the customized cargo bed.

"The OCC Silverado is a tribute to a family that has made an enormous impact on design and the new Silverado is the perfect canvas to illustrate it," said John Cafaro, chief designer for full-size trucks. "Ironically, the OCC Silverado represents the reverse of OCC's typical themed creations; rather than designing a bike to fit a particular theme, we've built a truck to reflect the Teutuls' contribution to the chopper, and the focus they've brought to the industry."

The custom, chopper-inspired exterior design elements include a blend of billet aluminum and chrome accents – including CNC-carved flame designs in the grille and tailgate – chrome side pipes and a specially tailored "bigs-and-littles" wheel/tire combination. These elements combine with authentic Chevrolet styling cues, including custom fascias, smoothed bodywork and a raised power dome hood, to create an inspired, totally unique truck.

"The GM design team spent time at Orange County Choppers to understand their philosophy of design," said Cafaro. "The Teutuls are agile and quick when it comes to implementing their design idea for a chopper and we approached this Silverado project with that same sense of acting upon inspiration."

Lead designer Jeff Puppos, a muscle car owner and enthusiast, brought a unique approach to the project. Placing himself in the role of an OCC designer, he collaborated closely with OCC design chief Jason Pohl to capture many aspects of OCC's design capability.
Design elements include:

* Polished billet grille with CNC-cut flames and bow tie center emblem
* Custom, open headlamp housing with motorcycle-style "tri-bar" lenses and HID lamps
* Custom lower fascia with billet trim and motorcycle-style auxiliary lighting
* Raised power dome hood
* Shaved exterior door handles with ITW Active Touch door release system
* Custom, low-profile outside mirrors
* Dual chrome side exhausts
* Smoothed inner cargo box (to accommodate chopper engine transport)
* Removable tailgate with billet flame design and side supports inspired by chopper front suspension forks
* Custom "roll pan" rear fascia with stamped louvers
* Custom tail lamp housing with motorcycle-inspired lamps, including "blue dots"
* Fuel filler relocated to top of cargo box, with polished aluminum flames trim
* Twenty-two-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels enhance "bigs-and-littles" wheel/tire profile
* Wheels inspired by spoke-type motorcycle rims, including sprocket-type detail
* Air Ride Technologies front and rear suspensions
* Black paint with red-tinted windows

Like the custom choppers designed by the Teutuls, the design elements of the OCC Silverado work harmoniously to create a knockout appearance that conveys the integration of a totally visualized concept. The wheel/tire combination, for example, was carefully sized to create the classic "big and little" look, while the chrome side pipes deliver a dramatic look yet are integrated within the contours of the Silverado's bodywork.
"The OCC Silverado captures the fantastic level of detail exemplified in OCC's bikes," said Cafaro. "It is a total design project that was crafted to evoke specific emotions while maintaining the essence of the Silverado itself – it's the same philosophy the Teutuls use for many of the theme bikes they design and build."

That philosophy of integration carries over to the truck's interior, where the OCC Silverado also reflects a chopper-inspired theme. Custom-tailored "Triple Black" leather seats, motorcycle-inspired gauges and chrome trim immediately convey the spirit of a custom bike. And as with the exterior, polished billet aluminum and chrome is found throughout the cabin. The front and rear seats feature embroidered "OCC" logos; the front seats feature heating/cooling comfort.

LS7 power

The Orange County Chopper Silverado is powered by a GM Powertrain's 7.0-liter LS7 V-8. Rated at 505 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, it's the same engine that powers the Corvette Z06, and it also available as a "crate engine" package from GM Performance Parts. The engine features several racetrack-proven lightweight components and a dry-sump oiling system. A remote oil tank is mounted under the OCC Silverado's hood to feed the engine. GMPP also supplies the valve covers.

Torque from the LS7 engine is channeled through an automatic transmission and out to GM's beefy 8.8-inch rear axle. It features an automatic-locking differential and 3.73 gears, which combine to efficiently put the power to the pavement and deliver an exhilarating rush of performance.

Performance takes place a little closer to the pavement, too, as the Silverado OCC Bike Truck is "slammed" to produce the requisite low-slung stance. The ground-hugging ride height also helps the wheels and tires fill out the fenders, for a more integrated appearance.

The 2007 Chevy Tahoe Street Tuner demonstrates what can be done with carefully selected Chevrolet Accessories that transform a vehicle into a contemporary, custom-look street machine. It features 22-inch wheels that accentuate the custom paint work and ground effects, which include new front and rear fascias and rocker panels. The interior features a host of Chevrolet Accessories, including a carbon fiber trim kit, premium carpet floor mats, second-row console, headrest-mounted DVD screens and a ceiling-mounted portable overhead DVD system with a 10-inch screen. The Tahoe Street Tuner also has been lowered and fitted with a Chevy Accessories cat-back exhaust system, which adds an aural punch to the Street Tuner's visual appeal. Most of the upgrades are available now from Chevy Accessories, with others coming soon or still in the concept stage.

Vehicle highlights

* 5.3L Vortec V-8 engine and Hydra-Matic 4L60 transmission
* Custom paint

The all-new 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD crew cab is a hard working truck that, when equipped as a Roadside Assistance vehicle, can handle any emergency situation. The Roadside Assistance Silverado shows how the truck's highly versatile nature can be enhanced with the addition of well-chosen accessories. High visibility is ensured with a bold yellow and black custom paint job. Multiple strobe lamps in the high beams, fog lamps and reversing lamps, along with an overhead light bar and outpost strobes provide roadside safety. Bed-mounted halogen flood lamps make it easy to work with the Kohler on board generator, Ingersoll Rand compressor, and dual battery jumper connectors. Diamond plate protects the bed and Waterloo Tool storage units contain necessary gear. A Warn 9,000-pound winch supplies pulling power and the crew cab's rear seat has OnStar service access.

Vehicle highlights

* Custom yellow and black paint scheme with bold upper body stripes
* Multiple strobe lamps in high beams, fog lamps and reversing lamps
* Styled outpost strobe lamps
* Diamond plate aluminum bed deck and tailgate covering
* Dual battery jumper connectors: front bumper and rear bed mount
* Custom, bed-mounted side access three compartment storage
* Rear-facing tool box drawers from Waterloo Tool
* Warn Premium Series XD-9000 winch
* Kohler on-board generator with 50-ft. retractable cable
* Ingersoll Rand on-board air compressor with 25-ft. retractable air hose
* Diamond plate aluminum bed and tailgate covers
* Rear-seat access for GM OnStar service

The National Football League is home to crews of world-class athletes, and the GMC Sierra NFL Crew Cab is a vehicle designed to support the active enthusiasm around the game. Inspired by the NFL theme, designers developed an uplevel pull-out tailgating system, complete with a barbecue grille, cutting board and cooler. A KVH satellite system and 50-inch Panasonic plasma screen allow revelers to catch up on vital sports news before entering the stadium. The luxurious interior features football leather seating surfaces with solid piping.
Vehicle highlights

* 5.3L Vortec V-8 delivering 320 horsepower @ 5200 rpm and 340 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4200 rpm
* Second-row bucket seats
* Second-row center console with integrated cooler
* Custom billet aluminum pedals
* Tailgate-mounted Bose Surround Sound system
* Custom chrome roof rack
* NFL logos throughout the interior and exterior
* Custom PPG White Diamond with custom NFL stripes in Light Tarnished Silver
* Leather seat inserts and trim with GST football material
* Plush Dark Titanium custom floor mats
* KVH Satellite TV receiver
* 50-inch Panasonic plasma screen
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system
* Custom finish on all instrument panel bezels

Chevy Suburban has ably served as a capable family road trip vehicle for more than 70 years. The tradition of easily fitting the whole family and all their gear into one comfortable vehicle continues with the 2007 Chevy Major League Baseball Suburban. Chevy, as baseball's No. 1 fan, has created the MLB Suburban, which is ideal for hitting the road for far-off ballparks or spring training camps. The handsome seats are trimmed in Spinneybeck Andes leather and Mararam Parlay cloth, with matching door panels. Two baseball equipment bags echo the seating materials and, to make longer trips more comfortable, the first- and second-row seats feature power lumbar massage. Finding any ballpark in America is simpler, thanks to the OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation System. Waeco Tropicool coolers in the first- and second-row center consoles enhance snacking options, while entertainment highlights include a KVH satellite TV receiver with wireless internet, a Chevy Accessories portable DVD and Visteon gaming system and a Visteon inductive charging unit that is perfect for charging cell phones, iPods or PDAs on the go – features that ensure no inning will be neglected.

Vehicle highlights

* Intense Dark Blue custom PPG paint with matching color on interior metal trim
* 5.3L V-8 with E85 ethanol capability
* Hydra-Matic 4L60 automatic transmission and all-wheel drive
* Handsome leather and cloth interior, with two matching baseball equipment bags
* Bamboo bezels and interior trim switch plates
* Heated front-row seating
* Power lumbar massage for first- and second-row bucket seats
* OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation System.
* Waeco Tropicool coolers for first- and second-row seats

Chevrolet and the U.S. Ski Team are strong partners, and the uniquely outfitted U.S. Ski Team Tahoe is an extension of this relationship. The all-new 2007 Chevy Tahoe is an ideal winter activity vehicle that provides all-weather capability, comfort and safety. Tahoe's distinctive, sporty exterior design is a standout with the custom U.S. Ski Team colors and graphics. The tactfully located Spyder apparel and U.S. Ski Team logs and graphics accent the white-with-red-and-blue trim color theme that continues throughout Tahoe's refined, spacious and luxurious interior. Practicality is enhanced with a modified luggage rack outfitted for skis and snowboards, plus Chevy Accessories' tubular assist steps, tow hooks and rear fascia closeout.

Vehicle highlights

* 5.3L Gen IV V-8 engine
* Multi-color custom paint – White Diamond with blue, red and gold graphics
* U.S. Ski Team logos
* 20 x 9-inch polished aluminum wheels
* BFGoodrich 285/55/20 All Terrain tires
* Re-trimmed interior in U.S. Ski Team colors – white leather with blue inserts, red and blue hand-stitching, custom embroidered Spyder web design with U.S. Ski Team and Spyder logos
* Matching white leather door panels with hand-stitched red and blue inserts
* Custom switch bezels on doors and steering wheel with a matching gauge cluster
* Modified 2007 Cadillac Escalade luggage rack with body color end caps
* Roof mounted ski / snowboard rack
* GM Navigation system
* Magellan portable GPS eXplorist 600 Series

The 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Z71 Plus demonstrates how a great truck can be made even better with Chevrolet Accessories. The Z71 designation has long stood for off-road performance excellence, and that reputation is enhanced with this concept vehicle. The Z71 Plus features Rancho Suspension shocks and a two-inch lift kit, which provides room for the Chevrolet Accessories chrome off-road 20 x 8.5-inch wheels and BFGoodrich All Terrain tires. The handsome, but rugged, interior features two-tone leather seating surfaces and matching door trim. The bed is outfitted with a full range of Chevrolet Accessories – all of which are available through Chevy dealers.

Vehicle highlights

* 6.2L V-8 and 4L70 automatic transmission
* Locking front and rear differentials with 3.73 gears
* DuPont Copperstone Metallic base coat/clear coat paint
* Tenneco Rancho Suspension two-inch lift kit
* Tenneco Rancho Suspension shock absorbers
* BFGoodrich 285/55XR20 All-Terrain tires
* Seat and door inserts wrapped in Morocco leather
* Headrests, seat bolsters, and armrests wrapped in Meridian ebony leather, with Morocco stitching
* Interior trim has wood inlays and Z71 logos

The GMC Yukon Denali XL 2500 "Big Max" is designed to be the most powerful, most capable Denali ever. The "Big Max" represents the ultimate in towing, hauling, onboard entertainment, luxury and technology. It's ideally suited for cross-town commuting or cross-country vacations. It's also a spectacular tailgating vehicle. It's visually exciting and technologically advanced. The Small Block Supercharged V-8 concept engine provides more than ample power for going and towing, while the six-speed transmission maximizes performance and fuel economy. Heated and cooled custom leather bucket seats provide living room comfort for enjoying the satellite TV system and multiple DVD screens.

Vehicle highlights

* Small Block Supercharged V-8
* Six-speed Hydra-Matic 6L80 transmission with Adaptive Cruise Control
* DM Tech America 22 x 9.5-inch aluminum wheels
* P305/45R22LX tires
* Custom tri-stage silver to green "flip flop" base with red mid-coat and clear top coat
* Roof-mounted satellite TV system
* 20-inch rear overhead monitor
* 1250-watt inverter in left rear quarter trim panel with A/C outlets
* Waeco Tropicool cooler integrated into front center console
* First- and second-row heated and cooled bucket seats
* Dark brown Melanzana Townsend leather seats with Maharam cloth inserts and Pantone accent stitching
* Cream-color Spinneybeck Volo leather and Alcantara coffee suede trim with dark brown Dorsett "chunky loop" carpeting
* Simulated wood floor inserts and polished billet aluminum pedals
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation

The Sierra All Terrain Crew Cab is a showcase for the all-new Sierra pickup lineup. The Sierra All Terrain starts with the very popular Z71 off-road package and builds on it with tuned Rancho Suspension shocks and rugged all-terrain tires. They complement the Sierra's already capable suspension system. The two-tone leather heated and cooled seats are luxurious yet durable. Custom sill plates reinforce the All Terrain theme.

Vehicle highlights

* 5.3L Vortec V-8 delivering 320 horsepower @ 5200 rpm and 340 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4200 rpm
* Stealth Gray Metallic paint
* Unique All Terrain four-bar chrome grille
* Black tailgate handle with back-up camera
* Sierra Denali body side moldings
* "All Terrain" body graphics and sill plates
* Rancho front suspension kit; front and rear shocks
* Meridian Ebony and Light Titanium leather on heated/cooled seats
* StarGate Mobile dockable PC in the center console
* Custom instrument cluster and graphics

Trucks are a way of life in Texas, ands the 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Texas Edition was designed for that unique market. Building a Texas-tough truck was simple, given GMC's 100-year-plus heritage of building nothing but trucks. The Sierra Texas Edition concept sports 22-inch chrome wheels, a custom trimmed power soft tonneau cover and a custom Texas Edition slide-out toolbox.
Vehicle highlights

* Vortec 5.3L V-8 and 4L60 automatic transmission
* Special Texas Edition logos and badging throughout the interior and exterior
* Spectra Flair paint SF101
* Body-color door and tailgate handles
* All-wheel drive
* Custom pull-out Texas Edition weathered wood tool box, with Texas Edition logo
* Leather interior trimmed in Eagle Ottawa Granite and Saddle Brown Horseman
* Custom finish on all instrument panel bezels

The 2007 Chevy Silverado Rally Sport recalls legendary Rally Sport Chevys, such as the first-generation Rally Sport Camaros. Those cars were all about good looks and affordable, sporty performance. The Silverado Rally Sport conveys that ethic and combines it with the capability of a pickup. This concept vehicle is powered by GM Powertrain's 6.2L Vortec V-8 and is outfitted with high-performance four-wheel disc brakes, lowered suspension and chrome Chevy Accessories' 22-inch wheels, with low-profile performance tires. Chevy Accessories ground effects, a hard tonneau cover and custom grille – all painted a beautiful Green Metallic – supply the visual sizzle. The spacious interior boasts four bucket seats, ample storage and rear seat entertainment.

Vehicle highlights

* Vortec 6.2L V-8 and 4L60 four-speed automatic transmission
* BASF Synergy Green Metallic base coat/clear coat paint
* Ground Force two-inch front lowering kit and rear lowering leaf springs and blocks
* Baer six-piston front brakes with 15-inch rotors; multi-piston rear disc brakes with painted calipers
* Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza 285/45XR22 tires
* Detailed, polished and painted engine compartment with stainless steel hoses and fittings
* Custom upholstery on four bucket seats

The 2007 HUMMER H3 has an available oversized power sunroof for an open-air feel, but the H3 Open Top concept goes a step further with ASC's unique sliding fabric "Infinivu" roof system. The expanded opening provides a nostalgic, safari-style experience in a thoroughly modern midsize SUV. The look and fun factor are classic, but the ease of operation, durability and weather resistance are strictly contemporary. Black chrome finish on the numerous H3 Chrome Appearance Package items available from HUMMER Accessories offsets the sparkling silver paint. Inside, the primary upholstery material is Townsend lambskin leather with Gatsby Green accent stitching.

Vehicle highlights

* Unique, uni-directional sliding fabric "Infinivu" roof system from ASC
* Fixed header, back glass and door
* Silver Spectra Flair tri-coat paint with blackout wheel wells
* 20 x 9-inch Rozzi EGO chrome wheels
* Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 325/50R20 tires
* Custom Townsend lambskin leather upholstery with Gatsby Green accent stitching, Opal Gray trim and Ebony carpet
* Black chrome door panel trim
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system

The 2007 Saturn Outlook Outdoor Adventure Vehicle is a perfect example of how carefully chosen accessories can increase vehicle functionality to reflect a customer's personal lifestyle. In this case a new Saturn Outlook AWD with the XR Package was optimized for outdoor fun and adventure. This Outlook is equipped with the Enhanced Convenience, Advanced Audio and Touring Packages. The Saturn Outlook Outdoor Adventure is designed to comfortably and safely travel less-than-perfect roads while still providing ample room for family, friends and all the gear needed for a great time. The seven-passenger interior has luxurious leather seating surfaces and premium all-weather floor mats.
Vehicle highlights

* High-content Outlook AWD with XR Package, including second-row captain's chairs, sunroof with rear skylight, XM Satellite Radio and HID headlamps
* Ocean Mist paint
* Tan leather interior

The 2007 HUMMER H3 is a highly versatile midsize SUV and the addition of an E85-capable 5.3L V-8 increases its versatility. E85 is an ethanol-based alternative fuel made from domestically produced renewable resources. GM engineers developed the H3 E85 FlexFuel to demonstrate that an alternative fuel vehicle can combine with stylish design for a unique, forward-thinking SUV. To highlight the H3 E85's alternative intentions, designers focused on making the H3 exterior smooth and streamlined, including the addition of a body color rear spare tire cover. A lower profile was achieved with a two-inch suspension drop. Chrome wheels and components from HUMMER Accessories complement a custom-mixed Spectra Flair matte exterior paint finish. The interior features extensive use of custom leather upholstery.

Vehicle highlights

* 5.3L V-8 with E85 ethanol FlexFuel capability
* Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS
* Custom BASF Spectra Flair tri-coat paint in a matte finish
* Sterling silver accents
* Smooth, body-color-matched exterior trim
* Two-inch lowered suspension
* Chrome 18 x 7.5-inch HUMMER Accessories wheels
* BF Goodrich 285/55R18 All Terrain tires
* H3 X rear tire cover
* Chrome door handles, mirror caps, hood louvers and fuel door from HUMMER Accessories
* Custom matching seats and door panels in Townsend leather
* Leather trim headliner and instrument panel
* Unique gauge cluster and graphics
* Rear-seat entertainment system with DVD headrests from HUMMER Accessories

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