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Futurebug: 2054 Volkswagen Beetle

At some point in the future, automakers will engage in a hood ornament war to see who can build the car with the biggest badge. We've seen into the future and Volkswagen will win this war in 2054 when it unveils the New2 Beetle that features the company's famous logo laser etched across both of its doors. Actually, this is really a nice piece of concept art done by Carlos Agell, a Venezuelan designer who has got quite an imagination. In his mind, VW will drop the Darth Vader's helmet look of the current New Beetle sometime between now and mid-century, going instead for the tipped-over-cylinder look. The diameter of the New2 Beetle is 7.38 feet, though its length is a little over ten feet thanks to a protruding fish tail that presumably houses the NeoPlasma Magnetic engine and Laser Gyroscopic stabilization. It's also only 4.6 feet wide, so it'll be easy to park in the future where nearly all parking lots are full all the time (oh wait, that's today). Agell also envisions a NeuroDrive Guide System to replace those low-tech sat navs and a NeoCrete Liquid Metal Body that we presume doesn't need waxing, like, ever. The New2 Beetle can also accelerate to 62mph in a scant five seconds while on its way to a top speed of 186mph. Don't worry about it tipping, either; too many top heavy SUVs led the government to bank all turns nationwide in the year 2032. Sweet.

[Source: Carlos Agell via CarScoop]

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