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EU's End-of-Life-Vehicle directive increases responsibility of motorists as well as manufacturers

Auto Express is reporting that the European Union's End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELV) directive is now in full force. The biggest direct effect on motorists is that it makes the last registered owner of a car responsible for its proper disposal at an approved facility that uses environmentally friendly measures.

Here's how it works in Britain: An authorized dismantler will offer you a certificate of proof that your vehicle has been properly destroyed. In taking your car to an unauthorized dismantler, there's a possibility that the vehicle will be put back on the road in which case you'd be responsible for any fines or parking tickets incurred thereafter. In addition, those who fail to follow the proper guidelines and fill out the necessary paperwork will be forced to pay a £200 (about $380 US) fine while illegal dumpers risk facing a £2,500 (about $4,755 US) fine and a prison sentence.

According to Britain's Environmental Agency, the ELV directive also mandates the following:
  • Limited use of certain hazardous substances in the manufacturing process
  • Subjection of ELVs to de-pollution prior to dismantling
  • Dismantlers operate according to environmental standards.
If you'd like to learn more about the ELV directive, click here.

[Source: Auto Express]

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