Chuck Goolsbee gets 70 mpg from his biodiesel VW Jetta TDI

Chuck Goolsbee loves his Jetta TDI. He also love to brew biodiesel. He likes, but doesn't love the 50 mpg average the car gets. So he decided to use all sorts of fuel conservation driving tips (shifting at 2,000 rpm, coasting when possible, etc.) on one half a tank of gas and see how his mileage changed. The week-long test results surprised him. A lot. And wouldn't you be surprised, too, if your mpg jumped 20 miles? Goolsbee ended up getting 69.767 miles per gallon. He doesn't say what type of biodiesel he used, just that it was a mixture of diesel and his own veggie oil. Goolsbee figures he could have reached 70 mpg had he not indulged his inner speed demon and gone 100 mph for a few miles during the week.

Goolsbee really didn't love the driving he did during his test, calling it mind-numbingly boring. But he does love the results, and he challenged any hybrid or electric car to "go as far, as fast as a TDI equipped car. It just can't be done." Any takers?

[Source: Chuck Goolsbee]

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