Cartalk names Top 10 Scariest Cars

What do the 1980 Chevy Monza and the 1973 VW Microbus have in common? They are among Car Talk hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi's Top 10 Scariest Cars list. Of the Monza they say, " Whenever one of these beauties reared its ugly grille in front of the garage, every mechanic with more than six weeks' experience would go running for the men's room and lock the door." Another car on the list, the 1987 Ford Festiva, gets this derision from the brothers: "We once got in trouble for saying this car came right from the factory with a funeral wreath on the grille."

If these cars aren't scary enough, submit your own nomination.

The whole list after the jump.

[Source:] 1969 Ford Mustang
Scary for: Bystanders and other drivers

1969 Pontiac Trans Am
Scary for: Bystanders and other drivers

1971 Ford Pinto
Scary for: Firefighters and plastic surgeons

1973 Volkswagen Microbus
Scary for: Drivers

1974 Volkswagen Thing
Scary for: Onlookers

1980 Chevrolet Monza
Scary for: Mechanics

1986 Suzuki Samurai
Scary for: Drivers

1987 Ford Festiva
Scary for: Drivers

2004 Hummer H1
Scary for: Society, the environment and therapists

2005 Pontiac Aztek
Scary for: Onlookers

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