Audi R8 a sellout in UK

Months before the first Audi R8 will be delivered to customers in the UK, Audi has confirmed orders for all of the 400 cars that will be available there for sale. Just in case anyone changes their mind, there are 50 more orders in line behind them. If you still want one and aren't in the first group of 450, classified ads are beginning to list them for sale as well.

With the automotive world abuzz about the latest hot rod from Ingolstadt, Audi hasn't exactly been shy about having the cars out in public. They've been seen around Europe as well as in the US, where Audi recently paraded one through the streets of New York.

Delivery in the UK is expected in the spring of 2007 with pricing starting around £77,000. The R8 is scheduled to go on sale in the US in 2007 as a 2008 model. Pricing is rumored to be in the $80-100K (US) range, depending on the model and powertrain.

[Source: 4car news]

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