BTCC hot shoe and Fifth Gear presenter, Jason Plato put his abilities to good use, testing the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang on a barren track in the UK. In typical TV presenter style, Plato unremittingly flogs the Shelby around the track to get those glorious powerslides that make viewers coo.

As a warning to those of you who might consider yourself fundamentalists when it comes to your bestest, favoritest pony car, Plato comes away unimpressed with the GT500. Specifically, he was less than thrilled with the handling characteristics and the interior build quality, but was thoroughly smitten with the power. No surprise.

It must be noted that his perspective is a little askew, as the cost of importing a GT500 to the UK would put it into the £40,000 ($70-80k) realm. For that kind of money, there are more sophisticated, better handling options available across the pond. But that's not what the GT500 is about and thankfully, he gets that.

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