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REG-GIE, REG-GIE! #44's '69 Camaro for SEMA

UPDATE: Frank's live pics from SEMA added

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Mr. October will be making a splash in October once more. Only this time it won't be in the Bronx or involve sending three consecutive Dodger pitches into the stands at Yankee Stadium. No, this time, Reggie Jackson will (presumably) be in Las Vegas for the unveiling of a signature '69 Camaro he's created with General Motors to showcase GM Performance Parts' new cast-iron LSX block. Said block was developed with help from NHRA legend, Warren Johnson, who was named one of the organizarion's 50 greatest drivers (#7, in fact) when they held their 50th Anniversary celebration back in 2001.

The specifics on the Reggie Jackson Camaro have not been released yet, but photos of the car have, and you can find the rest of them after the jump. While we don't know what kind of power the car's LSX V8 is churning out, we do know that it's channeled to the rear wheels via a six-speed Hurst topped with the classic cue ball knob. The car's red finish is accented on the hood's power bulge and the ducktail spoiler in back by a checkerboard motif featuring a silhouette of Reggie mid-swing, along with a reproduction of his signature. LSX badges adorn the Camaro's rear end, quarter panels, steering wheel, and center console.

As soon as we have the rest of the stats on the Reggie Jackson Camaro, we'll update this post. Until then, enjoy the photo gallery after the jump, and know that the Hall-of-Famer known as "the straw that stirs the drink" is sure to stir up SEMA with this utterly bitchin' ride.

[Source: GM]

SEMA: Reggie Jackson Camaro

Frank's live shots

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Reggie Jackson and Warren Johnson with the LSX

GM performance parts LSX block

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