UK government suggests to community groups that Every Action Counts

My favorite government greener living tip is still the top item in the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide: " Minimise [sic] your vehicle use". The government in the UK launched a new program yesterday with some just-as-simple tips for community groups to get in on the green act. The new program is part of the "Every Action Counts" initiative started in June of this year, which is, in turn, part of Together We Can. The basic idea is that we're all contributing to global warming, so we can all do something to fight it. Makes sense.
The ideas for community groups range from the easy (use recycled paper for your newsletters) to the more intensive (install a small wind turbine on the roof of your community building). The drive smarter tips include filling up community buses with biodiesel and, well, that's all the press release mentions. The initiative's website, which is to offer more information, is not available yet, so we'll have to see what's on there. Until then, I recommend minimizing your vehicle use.

[Source: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs]

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