Silver still most preferred paint, but what's next?

Silver has been the most popular color on cars for the past six years, and the godfathers of paint at PPG predict it will remain the king for quite some time. This fact doesn't stop these connoisseurs of color from searching for the next contender of silver's throne. On Thursday, PPG showed off its official color palette of 110 concept colors at its studio in Troy, MI, and revealed it expects more natural colors like brown, green, blue and gold will become popular by the end of the decade, when colors automakers choose today actually go into production.

It's a tough gig trying to predict what hues will be hot three years out, so PPG tracks high fashion, architecture, and consumer goods to get a bead on future color trends. As always, new technology also continues to change the color wheel. Paint additives called effect pigments are increasingly being used to change the make-up of paint. For example, some may remember the optional "Mystichrome" paint offered as an option on the 2004 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra. It contained aluminum flakes and mica and was applied using a different process than normal. The effect was a paint job that shifted color from a metallic topaz to cobalt blue to royal purple to deep onyx black. Trick paint like that, along with more natural tones, is in our future, but silver will not soon be supplanted as our most preferred paint.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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