With the last Taurus rolling off the line, let's have a look at how it all began. We'll skip the original Taurus introductiory commercials because, well, we can't find any of them on YouTube right now. Instead, we'll jump to MY 1989 and have a gander at the spot introducing the first-generation Taurus SHO, whose stout Yamaha DOHC V6 is still talked about today. Alas, as our own John Neff -- possessor of a stalker-like obsession with the SHO -- will tell you, the engines are quite capable of outlasting the cars built around them. A problem, seeing as the rest of the car is kind of required in order to enjoy the engine.

But back when this '89 came out, none of that was a concern. It was about getting to the Ford store before the next guy to snap up one of the 220HP sedans.. The limited-production SHO, you see, was "Power in the hands of a fortunate few."

But how does it all end? Check back in later to find out...

[Source: YouTube]

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