The Jalop among us managed to get their hands on an exclusive new Cadillac ad that's set to debut this weekend. They got the exclusive through undisclosed covert means, so we're calling this post a semi-exclusive once removed from total exclusivity. The ad is meant to sell the hotness we know as the XLR-V, and does so by taking us on a trip down memory lane all the way back to Cadillac's humble beginning in 1902. The commercial starts off with the earliest of Cadillacs that then morphs into various Caddies of note throughout the twentieth century. Actually, there's no morphing going on really, it's more like quick jump cuts in the MTV tradition of video editing, which is appropriate considering the ad's soundtrack is the song Punkrocker (click to listen to the whole song) by the Teddybears featuring Iggy Pop. Man, you really get a sense of how far this brand has come in twenty years ago when you see Iggy Pop slinging Cadillacs while singing about being a punk rocker. Boys and girls, Cadillac is cool again.

Check out the full 60-second spot after the jump.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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