A Foose and your money... Die-cast collectibles from the king of custom

Once upon a time filling a garage with Chip Foose dream cars involved either a check with lots of zeros or help from Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Now anyone with a "minimum deposit required" from their bank can park Foose's creations next to their daily driver. Yes, of course we're talking about scale models. Foose Design is currently accepting $28 checks for each of five 9-inch-long models. There's the '67 Mustang "Fastback," the '70 Monte Carlo, the '71 Chevelle, the Impression and the '06 Stallion (shown). The 1/20th scale cars have opening hoods, trunks and doors, chrome wheels shod with real rubber and are pretty close to the actual Foose visions. Note that the '36 Ford "Impression" Roadster does not come with an equally diminutive version of the Detroit Autorama's Ridler award.

Check out the rest of the available models after the jump.

[Source: Foose Design]


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