Green investors have more options with WilderShares, Cleantech Group

Interest in green technology continues to grow on Wall Street. WilderShares and the Cleantech Group have launched two new exchange-traded funds. WilderShares, which already manages two other clean-energy indices, has created a new index that focuses on technologies that make fossil fuels cleaner. The fund is trading on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "PUW." The Cleantech Index focuses on companies that stress cleaner energy, water and industrial production. It's traded under "PZD." North American venture-capital investment in Cleantech rose to $933 million in the third quarter, up 10 percent from 2Q and 120 percent from the same time last year. Of that money, $512 million went into biofuels. Since WilderShares launched its first clean-energy fund, seven other indices have started.

[Source: Red Herring]

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