The 17th episode of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary has hit the series of tubes we call the internet, and it's a sequel to Episode 11: King of the Hill that focused on the half-ton F-series trucks. Part II stars the new 2008 Ford Superduty, as the video spends most of its time at the Texas State Fair where the truck was debuted in its new F-450 form. The entire episode is mainly chest thumping on Ford's part, as the F-Series truck in all its iterations is the only product with a Blue Oval badge that unquestionably dominates its segment and has for so long. They do mention the impending competition from Toyota and new full-size truck models from General Motors, but when those new models are mentioned a crafty editor throws up some footage of the Tacoma instead of the Tundra and an unflattering shot of the previous generation "angry-eyes" Silverado. If you're hankering to see some of the new Superduty's exclusive features, like power telescoping mirrors, the hide-away tailgate step and collapsible bed extender, they're in there, too.

[Source: Ford Bold Moves]

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