The two largest automotive suppliers in the world, Germany's Robert Bosch GmbH and Japan's Denso Corp. have agreed to a new joint venture. The companies will team up to develop and manufacture particulate filters for diesel engines. The new company will be established somewhere in Eastern Europe early in 2007 with each parent owning a 50 percent stake. Starting in 2009 they intend to produce a new generation of cost effective and high performance filters made from cordierite. They will each market the filters under their own brands. These cordierite are lighter and have less pressure drop compared to other types of filters which allows for better more efficient performance.

Particulate filters are expected to become standard on all diesel vehicles in Europe in the coming years as a result of the new Euro 5 emissions standards. Bosch has been making diesel fuel and control systems for decades. They also have experience in the control software that allows particulate filters to be regenerated. Click Read to see the Bosch press release.

[Source: Bosch via GreenCarCongress]

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