Nine-year-old draws rainbows and flowers on a Honda Civic Hybrid

Now this is just a tease. Paige Lewis, the cute kid in the picture above visited Honda's Environment Stand at Fruitstock earlier this year and participated in a competition to draw a color/paint scheme for the new Civic Hybrid. Thousands of kids drew colorful Honda cars, and (unbeknownst to her) Paige's was selected to be turned into a real car. One day it showed up at her house and she and her classmates now love the "rainbow car". So what's the tease? Her family only gets to drive the car for a month. I suppose Honda will use it in upcoming promotions, but don't you kind of wish the kid wouldn't have to give up her flowers and raindrops so soon? I guess it's time to learn the sharing lesson again. There's another picture after the jump.

[Source: Honda]

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