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Lifan and Ricardo team up for new family of Chinese car

Yesterday, the Chinese company Chongqing Lifan Industry Group Co. Ltd (known as Lifan) announced that it would use powertrains developed by Ricardo in its upcoming cars. Ricardo's engines for Lifan are going to be in the range of 0.8-2.4 liters displacement, and have new transmissions with technologies such as AMT (automated manual transmission) and DCT (dual clutch transmission). The end result is supposed to be a completely new family of cars for Lifan. Why is this green news?
It's green because of the potential. Lifan is a growing automaker in China (obviously a growing auto market) and Ricardo has a lot of history making cleaner and cleaner engines. Ricardo has experience with powerful diesel, low-emission diesel and diesel-hybrid engines, as the links below can show you. Let's hope Lifan makes use of the cleanest sensible technology for their new family.

[Source: Ricardo]

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