Camouflaged Porsche 911 seen in Toronto. And it's not what you think...

Shannon Larrat picked up a Porsche 996 that had been totaled once, turned into a track car, and subsequently recertified for street use. And he wanted to do something interesting with it. Something different. Something fun. Larrat is himself a body-modification enthusiast, and as such he has no reservations about doing things that might cause others to raise their eyebrows and look askance. When it came to his Porsche, he decided to go for the gusto and give it a full camouflage paint job.

As in military.

"Wait just a minute," some of you are probably thinking. "Military camo? On a Porsche 911?"

Yep. And you know what? It's pretty damn cool. Sure, there are people who are probably horrified at the sight of the thing, but cars are made to be enjoyed, and Shannon appears to be enjoying his 996 thoroughly. It's certainly polarizing, as he writes that reaction from the public on the streets of Toronto has ranged from enthusiasm (smiling, snapping photos, etc) to people shooting looks of anger his way. No matter. You can't please everybody. This is a machine that's as unique as the person sitting in its driver's seat. And above all else, it's fun.

Fun's good.

Thanks to vectorbug for the tip.


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