Honda was the first Japanese car-maker to set up shop in the North America, when they started building motorcycles in 1979 and Accords in Marysville, OH in 1982. Since then they have built more plants in Ohio, Canada, Alabama and elsewhere, building cars, vans, trucks, power equipment, engines, transmissions and more. More than 80 percent of the vehicles that Honda sells in North America are now produced here. At various times they have even exported American-made cars back to Japan. To meet rising demand for fuel efficient, four-cylinder cars in the North American market, they are going to be shifting some production around among their facilities. Sales of the new Civics are up over 7 percent compared to 2005.

One move will be to shift production of the Pilot SUV from the Alliston, Ontario plant to the Alabama plant where the Odyssey mini-van is also built. The line that currently produces the Pilot will shift to building more Civics. In addition, Honda is currently building a new assembly plant in Indiana and an engine plant in Canada that will be able to supply up to 200,000 more four cylinder cars and the corresponding engines. The new plants will come on line in 2008. Click the Read link for the Honda press release

[Source: Honda]

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