Car covered in 4,342... other cars

When we saw this piece on Hemmings Auto Blogs, we couldn't help but hear it being read in the late Waylon Jenning's voice. Waylon was the narrator on the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show as well as the singer of the theme song. "Little do the Duke boys know..." begins the story of this "car-painted" homage to the Dukes. You see, a London artist by the name of James R. Ford has taken his 1981 Mk III Ford Capri and turned it into a General Lee look-alike. Well, if you squint from a block away, maybe.

The "paintjob" on this particular replica is actually a mosaic covering that uses 4,342 scale model cars. James apparently made a global appeal for toy cars for his project, and received donations from as far away as Australia. Although his car received its fair share of attention before, "The General Carbuncle," as James calls it, is now on a whole new level since completion. While nothing can truly replace the original, even the modern Charger version we've discussed before, it's great to see the Duke spirit alive and well.

[Source: Hemmings]

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