Ballard Power Systems has announced a pair of programs to put some more fuel cell powered buses on the road in Washington DC and in upstate New York. Federal Transit Administrator James Simpson announced that the FTA will be funding a $49 million fuel cell bus research and development program. $13 million of that will be going to Ballard and its partners in the two programs. Both programs are using Ballards new generation heavy duty fuel cell module.

The Washington program will provide two 40 foot buses powered by 180kW Ballard fuel cells. The buses will be run in regular service with the WMATA fleet. The New York program will be a partnership with General Electric global research and use a 90kW version of the fuel cell in a hybrid configuration that also uses batteries. That program will also be using a new lightweight bus platform. These new programs join three dozen other buses around the world powered by Ballard fuel cells that have accumulated over a million miles over the last few years. Click the read link to see the Ballard press release.

[Source: Ballard Power Systems]

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