Steve Saleen remarks on the future of the Mustang

During a conversation at the 2006 Cruisin' the Coast Auto Show in Biloxi, Mississippi, Steve Saleen shed some light on the future of the Mustang and what performance potential awaits buyers in 2009.

As is customary, horsepower figures will increase for the next generation Mustang, although Saleen notes that new coupe will only benefit from a facelift, rather than full redesign. The GT will probably see an increase of about 50 HP over the 300 HP available on the current model with the GT500 coming equipped with an additional 15 ponies for 2009.'s John Breaux, who interviewed Saleen, maintains that a weight reduction may be in the cards.

On the Saleen side of things, the three engines currently available will all see performance increases, with the NA S281 achieving 385 HP and 390 ft.-lbs. of torque, the supercharged version producing upwards of 500 HP and the Extreme Mustang variant going to 565 HP with 535 ft.-lbs. of twist.

Since Mr. Saleen has been in close contact with Alan Mulally and others at FoMoCo, this information is as close to official as we've seen yet.

Top tip Brent!


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