Aston Martin previews DBS and V8 Roadster for VIPs

Ahead of their official unveilings, Aston Martin North America gave sneak-peeks at two upcoming models during a special event for 300 clients and dealers. The two models were the V8 Vantage Roadster and the DBS, and fortunately there were a handful of press invited to the event as well. Neither model, to be fair, is an all-new car. The Roadster is essentially a V8 Vantage coupe with the roof chopped off, and the DBS is a DB9 with more aggressive body panels. And we've previously brought you images of both cars.

The V8 Roadster on display featured a special paintjob that Aston Martin says is like looking at a fire, as the hue changes with the angle and the lighting conditions. The DBS on display was in full 007 trim, as the new model makes its debut in a few weeks in the James Bond film Casino Royale. This one had a host of switches and buttons inside that the production version obviously won't have, especially the pistol cut-out in the glove-box.

Follow the link for Forbes' images from the event.

[Source: Forbes Autos]

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