When AutoBild released their November issue with the above illustration on its cover, rumors of a new coupe from Audi began spreading like wildfire across the web. As we've discovered all too often, speculation and photoshopping go a long way in stoking the fires of the rumor mill. We're sure this is no exception, but a few sentences of translation and analysis can't hurt. Right?

Designed to compete with the likes of the 2009 BMW Z4 and its M-badged variants, the Audi R4 will be a strict two-seater and, much like it's larger sibling the R8, will have a mid-ship mounted engine (that's were we started glazing over). A few engine choices will be available, with the top slot being filled by a 300 HP V6. Although the mid-mounted engine placement would seem to imply that Audi is taking a shot at Porsche's Cayman and Boxter, AutoBild's sources maintain that those vehicles are not its intended competition.

If the R4 will ever see the light of day, expect it sometime in 2010. We're not holding our breath and we'd suggest you do the same.

[Source: Autobild and Fourtitude]

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