VIDEO: Two Words: Corinthian Leather

You wish you were this cool. Click to enlarge

But is it.... rich? Sadly, no. Not yet.

In this particular Chrysler ad starring Ricardo Montalban (of course), the pimptacular brown '76 Cordoba he rolls in is equipped with the super-fly velourish interior, and the Corinthian leather we all know and love is merely given lip service as being "smooth." No matter. We know how it all turns out. In Cordoba, the "new small Chrysler" ( cough -- 17.9 feet -- cough), Ricardo has what he needs.

Watch it after the jump, and then practice rolling your "R's" so that you too can be as suave as The Montalban.

Chrysler Cordoba/Ricardo Montalban photo via The Old Car Manual Project .

[Source: YouTube]

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