It's all fun and games until someone loses an engineer

Did you hear the one about the train trips GM VP Larry Burns took with chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner? Here's how it went:

Larry Burns and Rick Wagoner were riding a train through France, and after sharing half a magnum of excellent champagne with a Frenchman on the trip, they were horrified when the man tossed the half-full bottle out of the window of the train. "Wee haf so much excellent champagne in France that we can throw some out ze window," he said.

Larry and Rick repeat the adventure, only this time in Japan, where they're on a train drinking the most fabulous sake in the world, only to have their acquaintence throw the remaining half bottle of sake out of the train window because there's excellent sake aplenty in Japan.

On a final trip, Wagoner and Burns were discussing how great American engineers are... "So Rick stood up and threw me out the window."

Ba dump bump. Get it? Get it?

[Source: Larry Burns' speech at the Greenbrier conference via the Detroit News]

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