T.C. Kline's Z4 Carbon Coupe competes at SCCA Solo II Champs

Some may remember the Z4 Carbon Roadster we featured on this page a while back. Produced by Ohio-based BMW tuner T.C. Kline, the Carbon Roadster is basically a heavily modified Z4 less 500 lbs. thanks to a body completely reskinned in carbon fiber. Autoblog reader Ron D. attended this year's SCCA Solo II National Championships, at which he spotted a Z4 Carbon Coupe being campaigned by T.C. Kline himself and Alan McCrispin in the SM2 class. They fared well with Kline finishing 8th and McCrispin 5th out of 13 competitors, including the car crowned champion, a 1993 Mazda RX-7 with a rear spoiler larger than a Cessna wing (see pic after the jump).

We have no information on the Carbon Coupe, but T.C. Kline's website is flashing pictures of the car on its front page. We assume that it shares all mechanicals with the Carbon Roadster, which means the aforementioned carbon fiber reskin that pushes out the fenders to accommodate 18-inch wheels, an aluminum flywheel, custom thin wall stainless steel exhaust that ups power to 346 HP, KONI coil overs, Performance Friction brakes, and Recaro seats. The only difference we see is the roof, which appears to be naked carbon fiber contrasting with the rest of the body's bright orange hue. The Roadster was produced in a limited run of 100 units, so we'd assume the Carbon Coupe is available to buy as well, though no word on whether it costs more or less than the Roadster's $95,000 price tag.

Follow the jump for more pics of the T.C. Kline Carbon Coupe, including shots of it racing at the Solo II Champs courtesy of Ron D.

[Source: T.C. Kline]


Winning 1993 Mazda RX-7 with Cessna-sized rear wing

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