Pennsylvanians can still get $500 hybrid rebate from the state

As we mentioned earlier, political battles in Pennsylvania are bringing Gov. Edward Rendell and some state legislators into conflict over the right way to proceed with the states Clean Vehicles Program. While that debate continues the state would like citizens to know that they can still get a $500 rebate if they buy a full hybrid vehicles (for now, that means buying a Toyota Prius, Camry or Highlander; Ford Escape; Honda Civic; Mercury Mariner SUV; or Saturn VUE). The state has so far awarded over 1,500 hybrid rebates, about 25 percent of its allotment. Another 400 are in process. The cars must be registered and (mostly) driven in the state to qualify. If you want more information on these rebates, check out the DEP's Website (and search for the keyword "Alternative Fuels") or call 717-214-3492.
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[Source: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection]

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