Investors looking to make bid on Aston Martin

The idea of Ford selling off Aston Martin still strikes some as odd. The luxury marque has turned a corner over the past few years and has now become a successful jewel in the crown of FoMoCo. Regardless, the Blue Oval has made overtures that Aston may be up for sale, but as is the case with both Jaguar and Land Rover, one minute they're open to offers and the next they're not.

If the storied British automaker does find its way into the open market, a pair of Europe's most wealthy investors is gearing up to make a bid. Bernard Arnault, the French equivalent of Bill Gates, who made his money in luxury goods, is teaming up with Belgian investor Albert Frère, to form an investment group that could make a move to purchase Aston Martin. They have their eyes on several different ventures, but A.M. is on the top of their list.

With vehicles on the way, including the drop-top Vantage and four-door Rapide, sales at their highest level and a steady upward trajectory, it seems a shame for Ford to even consider such a sale. However, Ford's goal of becoming a svelte, adaptable automaker will be a great deal easier without excess brands hanging around their neck. Either way, it's safe to assume that Aston is poised to have an even brighter future in the years ahead.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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