If Biglorryblog likes hybrid trucks, maybe there's hope

Biglorryblog of the U.K. is starting to see that big trucks can work with hybrid drivetrains. He spotted numerous hybrid trucks at a recent European big-rig show and learned Paccar is targeting 2008 for a hybrid introduction. (Shown is a Daf truck, which is built by Paccar in partnership with Eaton.) He cites the improving battery technology as the key for trucking companies to develop hybrid powertrains. Massive weight gains have prevented truck companies from considering hybrids in the past. As a closer, Biglorryblog points to new cabin comfort systems that will be released next year. Truckers like to keep their diesels running for climate control while resting in the sleeper. Advancements in climate controls will eliminate most of the idle hours.

[Source: Transport News Network]

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