When Hamann gets their mitts on any manner of BMW, it's safe to assume that a thorough redesign will take place. In the case of the new Z4-based M Coupe, Hamann gave their signature treatment to almost every aspect of the vehicle.

The exterior loses its stock body kit and gains an aggressive new front spoiler, side-skirts and rear diffuser. Two separate spoilers are mounted on the rear of the vehicle, with one sitting on top of the boot lid and the other protruding from the top of the rear window. A new suspension setup drops the body over a set of 19- or 20-inch wheels.

Hamann wanted to provide a bit more propulsion to match the coupe's aero-enhanced styling, so a new exhaust was fitted that increases power output to 358 BHP, 15 over stock.

The interior benefits from a few mild aesthetic tweaks in the form of a new hand brake grip and shifter knob, aluminum pedal set and Hamann emblazoned floor mats.

As with any aftermarket tuner, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and with the M Coupe, it's a love it or hate it proposition.

[Source: Hamann and Fast-Autos.net]

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