Custom golf carts earn style points for electric vehicles

Flush with plenty of disposable retirement income, many Arizona residents are ordering big-buck, customized golf carts. More than 50 dealers in the Phoenix area offer tricked-out carts, and not all are just for the links. One estimate says 30 percent are used as alternative transportation. So why not equip them with GPS, DVD, A/C, child seats and custom fiberglass bodies? One of the leading customizers is Aztec Golf Cars. A check of their Web site reveals in eclectic mix of luxury, sporty and even off-road styles. An interesting trend is custom cart's popularity with new families, especially in master-planned communities. One benefit to registering and driving an electric cart is the federal tax break. On the downside, the Consumer Products Safety Commission says there are 10,000 golf-car accidents each year that require a visit to the emergency room.

[Source: The Arizona Republic]

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