Spy Shots: Ford Focus RS

The Mecca for fans of all the world's cars procured some pics of the new Focus RS wearing Focus ST clothing. So how did Mr. Lehmann and his photogs identify it as the delectable RS variant? Noise and power.
The all-wheel-drive, rally-inspired coupe blew past the shooter in a turbo-charged hurry, while one of the occupants gave the one-finger salute to the snapper. The wastegate was audible as the RS accelerated away and although a four-wheel burnout didn't take place, the car's rampant acceleration was all the proof needed that power was finding its way to all four wheels.

It's appropriate that shots of Ford's 300 HP Focus would surface the very week we have our WRX/EVO focused RR of the Day. Both models have proven that small displacement, turbo-charged rally machines are a viable commodity here in the States. But alas, Ford doesn't see fit to grace our shores with one of the most potent vehicles in their worldwide line-up. This fact causes some of us to weep late at night when no one is around.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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