More political support for California's Proposition 87

Well, the big names are coming on board quickly now. After Bill Clinton's appearance at a pro-Proposition 87 rally last week, the group Yes on 87 (guess which way they want you to vote) has lined up endorsements from Richard Branson, Iowa Gov. Vilsack, San Francisco Mayor Newsom, and California Labor Federation head Art Pulanski. I particularly liked Branson's reasoning for supporting the proposition. "You'll be able to drive cars that you won't be embarrassed driving because they're CO2 friendly," he said. Proposition 87 would use taxes on oil drilled in the state to fund alternative energy research and production and Yes on 87 is claiming that the oil companies are spending over $70 million to defeat Prop. 87.
[Source: Yes on 87, Californians for Clean Energy]

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