Making the best better: Hennessey developing custom exhaust for Bugatti Veyron

Enormous sums of money went into the development of the epically fast and extraordinarily powerful Bugatti Veyron. The engineers managed to squeeze out a thousand horses from eight liters, sixteen cylinders, sixty-four valves and four turbochargers. But someone out there thinks there's still more power to be tapped, and that someone is Hennessey.

Hennessey Performance is the monster tuning house that specializes in giving more venom to the Dodge Viper, a car with an engine displacement slightly larger than the Bugatti's, but in stock form, only manages to produce half as much power. So while the Viper is a monstrously fast car, there was plenty more power to be massaged out of its enormous V10, and Hennessey has managed to crank it up past 900 horsepower. But the Bugatti's powerplant is a different story entirely, already the most powerful engine in production.

The company's head honcho, John Hennessey, in correspondence with Autoblog, tells us an American client approached him with the daunting task of improving on his Veyron with a custom exhaust system "to improve the power and sound along with possibly saving some weight". That's a pretty tall order, but Hennessey reckons they're up for the task.

The customer's Bugatti is scheduled to arrive in the workshop this winter, with the new exhaust completed by the spring. At that point Hennessey says they'll have all the numbers along with some multimedia clips for our enjoyment. And we can hardly wait.

[Source: Hennessey Performance]

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