Sierra Club responds to annual EPA best/worst mileage list

The Toyota Prius was tops on the EPA's annual list of best and worst fuel efficient vehicles. In fact, imports took all but two of the top-10 spots and hybrids accounted for half.

The list prompted the Sierra Club's Dan Becker to charge that the auto industry has the techology to achieve better fuel economy but fails to do so. He also lashed out at the Bush administration, saying it and the automakers "are blowing smoke when they tout E85 ethanol as a solution to oil dependence and global warming."

Becker sees large gaps between the most efficient vehicles and the average vehicles in each class. Said Becker, "The best in class vehicles demonstrates that the auto industry has the technology to make vehicles get better mileage. But the low fuel economy average show that the auto companies fail to put that technology in most of their cars and light trucks."

You may have these numbers memorized, but here they are again: the Prius is rated at 60mpg city/51 highway followed by the Honda Civic Hybrid (49/51), Toyota Camry (40/38), Ford Escape Hybrid FWD (36/31) and Toyota Yaris manual (34/40). The next five were the Yaris automatic, Honda Fit manual and Toyota Corolla manual. The Korean cousins, Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio, were ninth while the Ford relatives, Escape Hybrid 4WD and Mercury Mariner Hybrid 4WD rounded out the top 10.

The worst offender was the Lamborghina L-147/148 Murcielago automatic with a 9/14 rating. It was followed by the Bently Arnage, manual Murcielago, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti automatic and Ferrari 599 GTB. The only American vehicle in the bottom ten was the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD in 9th place.

The EPA Web site lists the top 10 vehicles for best and worst and names the leaders in each segement category.

[Source: Sierra Club via Common Dreams]

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