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Redesign Our Business Cards Contest - Update 1

After two days, we have received submissions from 24 readers for the Redesign Our Business Cards Contest, with many submitting multiple entries already. Some people are using the two Pioneer AVIC-D2 satellite navigation systems we've put up as prizes for motivation, but many of you have also told us that you're happy to use your talents to help out Autoblog, which we sincerely appreciate. If it were us, we'd be doing it for the sat nav, but we're shallow like that.

What really impressed us is how fast the submissions came rolling in after the contest was announced on Monday. Literally within a half hour the first submission was in, and though the author admitted it was a simple design, he told us he was just getting started and would submit more entries in the next few days. Some of you have clearly thought outside the box, which is what we said we were looking for (see comments on original contest post), while others have actually surprised us with some traditional designs that have knocked our socks off. We wish we could show you some, but it wouldn't be fair so we'll keep them all under wraps until the contest is over, then we'll reveal the best and worst submissions along with, of course, the winners.

Also, we want to reiterate that the Autoblog business card and the AutoblogGreen business card will be judged seperately. There's no benefit at all in designing a matching set for both sites, since there's no way you can win both Pioneer AVIC-D2 sat navs. We treat Autoblog and AutoblogGreen as two separate, stand-alone sites and their business cards should reflect that, so keep them separate. So far there's been more submissions for the Autoblog design, so you may have better chances to win if you put more energy into a submission for the AutoblogGreen design. Although there might be more glory in designing the winning submission for the Autoblog business card.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far! We love watching the submissions roll in and can't wait to see some more.


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