Portland Oregon water bureau trucks running on B99

The water bureau in Portland, OR has been running their fleet of diesel-powered trucks on B20 biodiesel since August 2004. After doing more analysis and testing they began running their entire fleet on B99 on September 26. The water bureau uses about 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually and determined that switch would be almost cost neutral. They also hope to help spur more local production of biodiesel.

Portland's 84-vehicle fleet includes a wide variety of equipment like backhoes, dump trucks, graders, pickups and others. With this change the Portland has the largest diesel fleet in the United States running on B99. Some older vehicles will continue to run on B20 until they are replaced. In addition to the water department, all the rest of Portland's diesel vehicles - a total of 373 trucks, 166 pieces of construction equipment and 62 towed units (compressors, generators, etc.) - will continue run on B20. Altogether the city uses approximately 600,000 gallons of B20 a year.

[Source: Portland Water Bureau via GreenCarCongress]

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