New Infiniti G35 released in South Korea ahead of US debut

They may live below a country run by a husky dictator who has a thing for BluBlockers and nuclear weapons, but South Koreans can take heart knowing that Infiniti has bestowed upon them the honor of being the first market to receive the new G35 sedan. Infiniti announced the G35's arrival in South Korea yesterday at the Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention Center in Hagnyeoul, Seoul. Nissan's luxury division is keenly interested in presenting itself as a global brand (see Related posts below), which accounts for the decision to give South Korea's market the nod before selling the sedan in North America. The car's new generation VQ35HR 3.5-liter V6 now develops 315 horsepower, though the South Korean model will apparently only pair it with a 5-speed automatic and not the 6-speed manual that will also be offered in North America. There's also no mention of an all-wheel drive model. Instead, South Koreans can choose from a "premium" or "sports" version of the G35 sedan, the former offering a bit more luxury and the latter offering a bit more sport. Prices start at 47.5 million won ($49,780USD) for the "premium" model and 49.8 million won ($52,190USD) for the "sport" model.
[Source: Nissan]

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