UTC Power's PureMotion 120 drives test buses running on hydrogen fuel cells

Watch out back there, there's more news of government support for hydrogen fuel cells incoming. Yesterday, we heard that UTC Power (a company owned by United Technologies Corp.) would be part of three zero-emission bus projects sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). These California and Washington, D.C. projects are each multimillion endeavors grouped in the National Fuel Cell Bus Technology Development competitive grant program. UTC's fuel cell power system is called PureMotion 120 and is designed for buses in "high-profile sites". UTC Power will use PureMotion 120 in four buses in D.C., a high-temperature, low-humidity test bus in the California desert and in "accelerated life testing" of buses in service in the Oakland area.
The FTA wants to have fuel cells make up about 10 percent of U.S. transit bus purchases by 2015.

[Source: UTC Power]

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