Feeling that Car Of The Year awards were becoming nothing more than a reassuring pat on the back from magazines to their advertisers, The Truth About Cars felt like somebody should have the balls to issue a "worst car of the year" list, as well. And they decided they were just as qualified as the next blog to undertake such an endeavor.

So TTAC announced that it will be dis-honoring the "Ten Worst Automobiles Today" with the first annual TWAT awards. Recognizing this was a democracy (OK, a representative republic), they are seeking input for nominees. A rather lengthy list of rules can be found by clicking the read link, but here is a short summary.

Nominees must have been for sale in the U.S. some time between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006. Badge-engineered siblings can be jointly nominated for a TWAT "if they all suck equally." The TTAC staff will pick 20 finalists from the nominees, "taking into consideration the number of nominations received, how well the nominations were justified, our personal opinions of the vehicles in question and how much we've had to smoke or drink beforehand." Readers will then vote on the top 20 to help determine the TWATs.

Pointers are even offered for helping identify areas of wretchedness, should you be at a loss. Ugliness, poor design, poor build quality, lack of sophistication or ability in the mechanicals, and poorly executed badge engineering are all suggested starting points. So, being the socially responsible group we are, we encourage you to get out and vote.

[Source: TTAC]

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