Amanda Congdon visits a biodiesel co-op

While still in Madison, WI Amanda Congdon visited the PrairieFire BioFuels Co-op. The co-op, like many others springing up around the United States, is a member owned group working to build infrastructure and create access to biofuels for drivers. The co-op is located in a former garage near downtown Madison. Along with selling biodiesel to members (at a discounted price} and non-members, they also provide support for doing biofuel conversions on older diesel engines as well as helping drivers buy suitable diesel vehicles.

The co-op is currently selling B100 fuel to members at $3.33/gal and $0.35 more for non-members. Amanda met with the owner of a late '80s Mercedes 300SD that is currently running on B100 and saw that it emitted no soot and smelled like french-fries. She also met with Sean Michael Dargan, one of the founding members of the co-op who provided a tour of the facility. You can see the video at

[Source: AmandaAcrossAmerica]

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