V6 Corvette rumors are rumored to be true!

Rumors of a V6-powered Corvette model have been floating around for years but weren't taken very seriously until Motor Trend decided to spend some ink on it a few issues ago and predict the six-cylinder model would revive the "Sting Ray" name. The model would basically be a Chevy-branded version of the Kappa roadster that GM has liberally passed out to such brands as Pontiac (Solstice), Saturn (Sky) and Opel (GT). Chevy's version would be different in that power would come from a V6 rather than an inline-four cylinder, and rumor has it that it would be badged a Corvette. Kind of sounds like a long shot, but Rick "Corvette" Conti, the #1 Corvette dealer in Ohio (w00t!), cites sources somewhere in the universe that tell him the rumors are true and coming sooner than we think. He says the "Sting Ray" name, however, will not be used on this chuckable roadster that should come with a 6-speed automatic and a price tag right below $30,000. He also hints Chevy may drop a bomb in the form of this V6 Kappa at the Detroit auto show in January.

Personally, while a V6-powered Chevy Kappa car will be driving through my dreams tonight, it will most certainly not be wearing a Corvette badge. It's bad enough that Corvette faithful have to share platforms and parts with Cadillac (economies of scale, blah, blah, blah), but the dilution of this iconic car has to stop there. Nothing good will come of calling a V6-powered Pontiac Solstice clone a Corvette. Trust us. Call it the Equinabu, Impaleo or whatever, but don't call it a Vette. And what's with pimping out the Kappa roadster concept to every brand that's still breathing. Two in the U.S. is enough, how about a Kappa coupe for Chevy instead?

[Source: Corvette Conti via Jalopnik]

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